Welcome Flying-fox Supporters

We figured that it's time we gave flying-foxes the respect they deserve as Australia's natural gardeners, a keystone species that works nightly to pollinate and disperse seeds for our forests.

We've established Flying-fox Supporters (FFS) as a national touchpoint for information and community engagement that highlights and supports the fantastic efforts already being made by many teams around Australia.

Learn more about Flying-foxes

You can dive into our Flying-fox Facts which are perfect for brushing up on your knowledge or putting together school projects.

To get an insight into the types of problems we'll be tackling take a look at our overview of threats to flying-foxes.

We've also put together a list of common questions and answers that may be of interest.


Only fully vaccinated and trained bat carers are permitted to handle flying-foxes and micro-bats.

Bat Rescue Organisations

Fly-by-Night Bat Clinic, Victoria

Bats Queensland – Awareness and Educational Resources

NSW licenced fauna rehabilitation groups 

WIRES NSW Wildlife

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services

South Australia Wildlife Rescue

Queensland Wildlife Rescue

Bat Conservation & Rescue Queensland

Far North Queensland Wildlife Rescue

Tolga Bat Hospital

Shoalhaven Bat Clinic

Be a Flying-Fox Supporter

There is a lot of great work being done to protect flying foxes and their habitat, but we also need to show that these are important issues for a lot of people, and we'd love to have you onboard.

There is no fee, no obligation.

However, by joining our team you add weight to our cause, and you will also receive email updates from us from time to time but if you're already receiving too many emails then you can unsubscribe from those whenever you wish.

Download our presentations for students

They have everything you need to spread the word about our beautiful forest pollinators.

Presentation for Junior Students (7 - 11)

Click on the image to open the presentation PDF in a new browser window

Presentation for Senior Students (12+)

Click on the image to open the presentation PDF in a new browser window

Note: A good deal of the amazing photography and video you can see on this site is courtesy of  Ofer Levy.

Thankyou to Mandi Griffith and James Chadwick whose images of flying-foxes being rescued, shown in care, feeding on blossom and finally graduating to release, form a large part of the 'slide share' presentations.