FFS supports The Great Koala National Park

The creation of a huge national park for our Koalas is a brilliant initiative that will drive the eco-tourism economy for northern NSW. Of course the preservation of an extra 175,000 hectares of native bush will also benefit our flying-fox friends and all species native to the area.

Read more about it on the koala park website and don't forget to show your support for the initiative by filling out their short form and sending an email to the NSW premier

You can also grab this PDF download which has lots of info about the project.

Unfortunately the Great Koala National Park, although it was supported by NSW Labour & the Greens, did not have the support of the State Liberal government. So this worthwhile initiative to protect large areas of Australian bush for koalas and other wildlife, plus promote ecotourism in regional communities, is now in abeyance.

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW reported that the annual rate of additions to the state's National Parks Estate has slumped from 132,000 hectares in 2011, when the Coalition took power, to 10,675 hectares.

The Council's Chief Executive, Kate Smolski, said that the Berejiklian government has a terrible record in this area and has actually legalised the destruction of koala/wildlife habitat on  a scale not seen for a generation. The addition of a new national park, with a koala habitat, in the Southern Highlands will do very little for koalas overall, when koala colonies near Wilton & Campbelltown in south-western Sydney are under threat as developers move in. 

A WWF report released last year said koalas are on track to be extinct by 2050 if current land clearing rates continue. This grim prediction has already been meted out to most of our wildlife including flying-foxes.

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