Humane Society International (HSI) has Campaigned for Flying-Fox Protection for Decades

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: Spectacled Flying-foxes Listed as Endangered.

Humane Society International Media Release (20 February 2019):

HSI has welcomed the status change from Vulnerable to Endangered for the Spectacled Flying-fox. Evan Quartermain, HSI's Head of Programs, commented that the extreme heatwave in Cairns that killed more than 30% of the Spectacled Flying-fox population in November last year, had made this increase in the level of protection for this species even more urgent, Read more:

Sensible, Successful Solution Saves Bats from Cruelty in NSW:

A grants program tied to a shooting phase-out which offered more than $7 million to protect nearly 700 hectares of orchards with wildlife-friendly netting throughout NSW, has been so successful, that another similar program is being considered.

However positive the NSW Flying-Fox Netting Subsidy and Shooting Phase-out programs are, Evan Quartermain (HSI) reported that there is still the serious issue of illegal shooting and under-funded government agencies being unable to ensure compliance with the law. Therefore it is up to all of us to report any potential instances of illegal shooting of flying-foxes to both the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and local police. Read full report here:

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