Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) & Link to Melbourne's Flying Night Gardeners - Doug Gimesy & Heather Kiley

VNPA President, Bruce McGregor, mentioned in his December 2019 report that many vested interests want to use and abuse the natural world, however VNPA members and supporters continue to speak up for preserving Victoria's natural heritage.

At a recent meeting the National Parks Australia Council a national body, concerned with protecting the natural environment and furthering national parks, reported that issues such as under-funding, pest plants and animals and encroachment by private tourism developments are problems in all Australia's national parks and protected areas.

As a result of Australia's fires, natural food resources are virtually non-existent resulting in mass abandonments of flying-fox pups in camps throughout the east coast of Australia.

Doug Gimesy & Heather Kiley's article 'Melbourne's Flying Night Gardeners' not only provides an insight into the lives of Grey-headed Flying-Foxes but also includes a section on the simple things we can do to help our wildlife, in particular, Grey-headed Flying-Foxes.

Vnpa Park Watch December 2019

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