MUM - We want to stay with you!

Mum - We want to stay with you!

Back to the wild, well not quite yet. The 7 pups which had graduated from mini-creche, were now about to experience the large flight and release aviary with other rehabilitating adult and juvenile flying-foxes.

Some of Sydney's Grey-Headed Flying-Fox pups rescued this season by Sydney Wildlife, from either mothers electrocuted on power lines or having fallen during their mother's flight, have spent several weeks in creche.

 Sue Thomson, one of creche mums, transported 7 of the flying-fox pups to a large Flight and Release Aviary located in Matcham on the Central Coast where they will spend a number of weeks. 

As depicted in the photo, the young flying-foxes were reluctant to leave the comfortable security of their adopted creche mother, Sue, and were determinedly hanging on to her - 5 on the back and 2 on the front.

They will be 'soft released' into a nearby colony and support fed for a while until the young flying-foxes adjust to their freedom and learn to find food on their own.

A 'soft release' is where a flying-fox is released at a site that has support feeding.

This is usually the release site for orphaned young (who are now juveniles) that have not had the opportunity of a 'wild experience' which they would normally have amongst other flying-foxes in a colony.

Food is slowly decreased over a period as the juvenile bats start eating a wild diet, flight muscles get stronger as they fly further each night to forage for pollen, nectar and rainforest fruits.

These young flying-foxes can come and go until they are able to fend totally on their own. By then it is safe to remove all support food further encouraging them to join their wild family.

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