Bats Need the Forest and the Forest Needs the Bats

Bats Need the Forest and the Forest Needs the Bats

'The recent bushfires have destroyed essential foraging resources on unprecedented scales' says Justin Welbergen, Associate Professor of Animal Ecology, Western Sydney University.

Stephen Brend, in charge of monitoring Grey-headed Flying-Foxes in Victoria, said that there is no refuge for flying-foxes, because NSW, Qld and Victorian forests have been decimated by such large, intense fires that there is very little habitat left for the bats to forage in, and it is the same for all wildlife across the country. Recent heatwaves also spotlight the perils of extreme heat, which for some species, can be just as deadly as fire.

Read more in the National Geographic article by Natasha Daly:
Photographs by Doug Gimesy.  

'Flying-foxes are Dying en Masse in Australia's Extreme Heat' published January 7, 2020

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