Extremely Cruel Backyard Netting Killing & Maiming Fruit Bats (2018) - Victorian Report

Wildlife experts are urging people to get wildlife-safe netting which is a tightly woven mesh with small holes that a finger cannot pass through. Secondly, install it correctly ensuring that the net tightly covers the tree and that it is either tied to the tree trunk or fixed firmly to the ground with tent pegs.

The following is a Victorian report on substandard fruit tree netting which is killing and injuring wildlife. Please find the link here:

An excellent pamphlet put together by Animal Welfare Victoria called 'Is Your Garden Dangerous to Wildlife?' can be printed and given to members of the public which need information on correct, wildlife safe netting. 

For Wildlife Friendly Netting Advice Visit:

Wildlife Friendly Netting:

Wildlife-Safe Netting Information:


Lawrence Pope (2 July 2019):


Megan Davidson (CEO Wildlife Victoria) and I met Ernst and Young (Commissioned by VIC GOV to formulate a Regulatory Impact Statement) last week to answer questions on netting. It was very positive.

Also: Andy Meddick (MLA – Animal Justice Party) read into Parliamentary Hansard a statement calling on the Victorian Minister for Agriculture to Fast Track regulations to avoid another bad netting season in Victoria.  Well done Andy! 

The Animal Justice Party has been instrumental in securing funding for Wildlife Victoria and in advancing an number of other reforms for animals. Joining is a good idea if you want to get stuff done for animals in your state!

Join the Animal Justice Party - Link to Form here:  

We continue to expect Backyard fruit tree Netting Regulations in November/December of 2019 and are 95% confident of the same.

Brief correspondence to the Minister Jaclyn Symes encouraging netting regulations in Victoria is welcomed.

The Hon. Jaclyn Symes

Minister for Agriculture

121 Exhibition St

Melbourne Vic 3000


Best Regards

Lawrence Pope

Coordinator : Victorian Advocates for Animals

President : FOBB – Friends of Bats and Bushcare Inc.

PO Box 377 North Carlton

Victoria 3054

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