Flying-Fox Caught by Discarded Fishing Lure and Four Hooks in Lake Parramatta

A male Flying-Fox became caught on a fishing lure's hooks at Lake Parramatta recently. A family saw the unfortunate animal who could not fly as his wing and cheek were both caught by hooks. The family lodged a call with WIRES rescue app XMatters and a member of Sydney Wildlife volunteered to rent a rowboat in an effort to reach the poor Flying-Fox. The volunteer risked life and limb, not being a very confident rower and doing many circles around Lake Parramatta, eventually managed to rescue the animal. Unfortunately we do not have a video of either Sue's effort at rowing or her rescue of the bat.

Photo Credit: Sarah Curran

However we can report the following that the Flying-Fox survived the surgery to remove two hooks through his cheek and tongue, and two more through his wing. The poor boy was unable to eat for days. However with special care, pain relief, antibiotics and many fruit smoothies, he is making a great recovery. It is hoped he will be able to fly and that he will be released to a colony soon.

What is wrong with some fishermen who discard their fishing paraphernalia so thoughtlessly that it catches or entangles freshwater/marine life, birds and other animals such as our brave Flying-Fox. This sort of injury would not occur if people were more considerate about the lives of vulnerable creatures that share this planet with us.

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