No, Aussie Bats Won't Give You COVID-19. We Rely On Them More Than You Think.

Here is an article written by Australian Bat Society (ABS) President, Justin Welbergen, and others to counter bad press our flying-foxes (and other bats) are getting lately.

No, Aussie bats won’t give you COVID-19. We rely on them more than you think

The authors have  stressed their alliance with the Australasian Bat Society (ABS), Wildlife Victoria and Wildlife Health Australia to add credibility to the article.

The ABS is also writing a position statement on this. They have also announced that in this articles first 24 hours, the Conversation piece garnered more than 12,000 readers, 15,000 Facebook likes, and 167 tweets, and it is fantastic to hear that it is garnering such a large interactive audience. 

We have also been in contact with the authors of the koala virus paper and they are dismayed at the media articles unjustly maligning bats.

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Photo 'A Study in Concentration - Grey-Headed Flying-Fox' is courtesy of Tony Spira

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