Shoalhaven Bat Clinic & Sanctuary Reports Abandonment of Baby Grey-headed Flying-Foxes

Shoalhaven Bat Clinic and Sanctuary is  asking for donations.

5th Dec 2910 at 10:56 AM

We are in the midst of an Abandonment Event. As of yesterday, the death toll of baby Grey-headed Flying-foxes totals 1205 as at 1pm 5/12/19. 869 in our local colony, and the balance between Booderee National Park and Kangaroo Valley (both these colonies are not able to be monitored regularly and the counts would in actual fact, be much higher).

Our numbers have also dropped from the 12,000 +/- to roughly 600 individuals (not including any babies on board).

Just why this is happening, we do not know for certain. Perhaps a combination of the severe drought, then the bush fires which has impacted on the mothers milk production.

Our wonderful rescuers and carers have been working around the clock to try and do all that they can and we have sent off many little ones to be cared for outside of our group.

The whole event is heartbreaking and at this stage, any young that are able to be rescued are highly compromised.

I'd personally like to thank all our Bat Squad members who have been so utterly amazing and supportive and all the individuals who have donated bat wraps, you have no idea how timely their arrival was. Janine

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Photo of flying-fox negotiating Sydney's smoke haze is courtesy of Tony Spira.

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